Dark Lips

I’ve noticed a lot of MUA’s rocking this fierce purple color on their lips and I fall in love every time.

This season calls for dark/mysterious colors which is why i’m very excited to share with you my NEW favorite lipstick!



Revlon’s Va Va Violet number 663 will leave your lips looking bold and create a strong statement look that i’m sure you would love. I know I do!


LOGONA make-up review

Shoutout to LOGONA for sending me some free beauty products in the mail the other day!



I have very sensitive skin and that makes me acne prone.  I TRY EVERYTHING. I use old-school remedies, I convince myself that I need to attempt a healthy balanced diet (I love me my sugary fried foods though) and I drink water like it’s nothing; I pretty much do it all.

When I read about LOGONA being a brand that makes its products from high quality raw/natural materials, I got super excited! Now I won’t worry about breaking out so easily because of harsh chemicals that are found in other makeup. (Makeup that I am guilty of using too :()


I decided to use the products a few times to see how I felt and I was quite surprised.

The Rose/Pink Blush Powder: My FAVORITE! This gives a beyond fresh and subtle look. Also, I literally brushed it once on each cheek and the color managed to apply and last for hours.

The Double Lip Pencil – Ruby Red: I’m usually not a fan of lip liners but I decided to try this out and filled my entire lip with it. It stayed on all day and the dark side color of the pencil was wonderful! I definitely want to try their lipstick because I am almost 100% sure I’d love it. I also got a LOGONA Lip-gloss that I keep with me, it’s decent and the best part is the smell.

The Mascara– Brown: I have pretty long eyelashes so when I use any mascara they just seem to get bigger and fuller, ALWAYS. The only “issue” I had with it was the actual brush. I’m a sucker for mascara brushes to be big and “bushy”. This was a little slim and I felt like it would take too many strokes for me to get a more dramatic look if I wanted one.

The Cream Concealer: I was not sold. At all. I do not wear concealer often, only to parties because I want flawless coverage but I tried this a few days to see if it works and I didn’t really think it does. The finish for me was somewhat of a matte texture and I was having a hard time blending it into my skin. Not a fan.

All in all, the Blush and Lip Pencil were a hit! I definitely want to try another blush color and need their lipsticks.