Seasons Change Fashion Remains

If you were to ask me what my favorite season was, I would not be able to answer without giving a reason for why each is “my favorite”. My lack of being direct is mostly because with the change of weather, I’m able to switch up and express myself through fashion differently than the previous three months; making each season “my favorite”.

And it’s not the transition of snowballs to sunshine that excites me, what excites me is knowing I can finally make changes in my style; From cute coats to cardigans to long dresses to short boots; there is nothing more fun than changing up your wardrobe and finally getting to wear your most favorite items, again.


If you’re a New Yorker like myself, you would agree that NYC weather is as bipolar as it gets. This year, fall came and because of the low degrees in early September, I assumed it would be a cold season. That ended up changing a week later when it shot up twenty degrees, making my inner-wannabe-meteorologist-self switch up the first guess and keep my open toed shoes nearby.

Regardless of crazy temperature changes and knowing that summer is officially over, the thought of replacing my sandals with a light jacket makes me feel super giddy. So whether its high 60’s or low 50’s, here are a few fall favorites I’ve come across and decided to share with you.


Tory Burch Ballet Flats $225

Aldo Khaki Ankle Boots $100

H&M Pants $59.99 H&M Cream Top $10 H&M Denim Top $15

Forever 21 Bracelet $2.80

Scarf Unknown

Zara Zipper Jacket $99

My intention in putting these few fall favorite’s together is to show that you can do so much by wearing or not wearing each item and  that is what makes it all fun; being able to look different while having the same stuff in your closet.

Although some items in this list may seem a bit overpriced, something I like to emphasize on is knowing to purchase pieces for your wardrobe that are meant to last long.

That trendy/edgy Zara jacket can be used for two or more seasons. Those cute Tory Burch ballet flats? Who says you cannot wear them throughout the year for two years? You as a fashionista need to learn how to take care of your belongings and keep them in mint condition.

I do not believe in pieces being “outdated”. Yeah designers come out with new products but that does not mean what’s old is out. Learn to use what you have and make it work for as long as you want, so each purchase you make is worth it.


Leave links of your fall fashion favorites so we can all see and look good together!

Hashtags to Fan Base

Fashion. Hijab. Modern. Modest.

Four words that I’ve been hearing, seeing and reading over and over again.

Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, social networking has become an outlet for young Muslims to show and share their identity with others literally all across the globe, making themselves a mini celebrity.

Everyone is doing it. The shy girl from junior high, the quiet kid from your high-school; they’re taking a talent they have and are hash tagging away.

#isewedthis #fashion #imadesginer

#mybiryani #burnedmyfinger #imachef

#bball #shooter #jumpshot #imaballer

#eyeshadow #contour #smokeyeyes #imamakeupartist

#myvlog #withhubby #withwifey #withcat #meow

You name it, it’s being done and I love it. I’ve become a victim to it and I do not feel ashamed one bit. Why? Because I never thought that as a twenty four year old girl from BROOOKLLLYNNNN I would be viewing pictures of a fashionista in Turkey or London or even Indonesia who has a style just like me for tips and ideas.


Growing up, I was very fortunate to have a mother that sewed clothes. She wasn’t and still isn’t your average seamstress. She’s a kick butt one that can literally do a replica of that boutique dress you spent two hundred dollars on for half the price. My mom often creates and executes her ideas and then bam, I have myself a new tailored to fit outfit that I can rock on a Tuesday just because. I still am spoiled when it comes to this and I blame her for it every day.

My love (some would call it an obsession) for fashion, color, fabrics and patterns increases daily. The teenage girl I once was that stared at window displays and magazines now finds easier ways to change up a simple shirt by drawing, cutting, pasting, or simply adding on an accessory making something my creation.

Now you might be rolling your eyes saying “Oh, another hijabi blogger”, but my blog will be different. My blog will show my take on fashion. My do’s or don’t’s. My ideas. My work.

So for the cliché closing statement, I hope you all enjoy whats to come and stay tuned for a fun fashion filled blog!

#cantwaittogetstarted #bismillah