LOGONA make-up review

Shoutout to LOGONA for sending me some free beauty products in the mail the other day!



I have very sensitive skin and that makes me acne prone.  I TRY EVERYTHING. I use old-school remedies, I convince myself that I need to attempt a healthy balanced diet (I love me my sugary fried foods though) and I drink water like it’s nothing; I pretty much do it all.

When I read about LOGONA being a brand that makes its products from high quality raw/natural materials, I got super excited! Now I won’t worry about breaking out so easily because of harsh chemicals that are found in other makeup. (Makeup that I am guilty of using too :()


I decided to use the products a few times to see how I felt and I was quite surprised.

The Rose/Pink Blush Powder: My FAVORITE! This gives a beyond fresh and subtle look. Also, I literally brushed it once on each cheek and the color managed to apply and last for hours.

The Double Lip Pencil – Ruby Red: I’m usually not a fan of lip liners but I decided to try this out and filled my entire lip with it. It stayed on all day and the dark side color of the pencil was wonderful! I definitely want to try their lipstick because I am almost 100% sure I’d love it. I also got a LOGONA Lip-gloss that I keep with me, it’s decent and the best part is the smell.

The Mascara– Brown: I have pretty long eyelashes so when I use any mascara they just seem to get bigger and fuller, ALWAYS. The only “issue” I had with it was the actual brush. I’m a sucker for mascara brushes to be big and “bushy”. This was a little slim and I felt like it would take too many strokes for me to get a more dramatic look if I wanted one.

The Cream Concealer: I was not sold. At all. I do not wear concealer often, only to parties because I want flawless coverage but I tried this a few days to see if it works and I didn’t really think it does. The finish for me was somewhat of a matte texture and I was having a hard time blending it into my skin. Not a fan.

All in all, the Blush and Lip Pencil were a hit! I definitely want to try another blush color and need their lipsticks.


Winter is dragging so I started to wear bright colors. I want to make up for the lack of sun by wearing neon 💚

20140205-143019.jpgOMG. NEON.


Growing up, I was never into trying on makeup or getting my nails done or doing the usual super “girly” things. I was the obnoxious one who shouted “Eww” when I saw friends paint their nails or apply lipstick/makeup every day. “It’s just so, ugh”.

Looks like those tables have turned. Although becoming an artist or a beautician is something I can never see myself doing, trying to “get fancy” on myself, by myself, is sort of a new hobby of mine.


I started wanting to paint my nails ever since INGLOT aka the “prayer permissible” that is not really “prayer permissible” nail polish came to market. (It does not work the way people claim it does. Trust me, I did the experiment). I will however like to give a shout-out to INGLOT because once I applied it, I said “Wait, this is kind of cute”. Not because of the brand, but because of the product itself. Whaaattt? I’ve been holding back on applying bright colors onto my nails whenever I want for twenty-three years? That’s cray.

As for makeup, that too is something I recently started playing around with. It went from everyday eyeliner, to that plus foundation, to all of that plus blush.  (Eyeshadows are for occasions only). While messing around and acting like I knew what I was doing, I’ve FINALLY found the products I’m most comfortable with.


So I wash my face with Cetaphil every morning, moisturize my skin with Coconut Oil or BB Cream and do the following:

1. Apply Foundation with the Beauty Blender. Oh man. I always thought I would overdose on applying liquid foundation but surprisingly it’s not so bad. Maybe all of that thanks goes to the Beauty Blender. This pink sponge is just…it’s just… I have no words. Buy it for yourself, please.

2. Apply a little Blush. Rosey cheeks are too cutie. Do it.

3. Apply eyeliner/mascara. I ALWAYS wear eyeliner. If I don’t, people bombard me with questions like “What’s wrong? Are you okay? Everything okay?” or “You look terrible, no sleep?”. I AM ACTUALLY DOING REALLY WELL, I JUST DID NOT APPLY EYELINER OKAY, JEEZ. Mascara is like whatever to me, If I remember to wear it, I wear it. I was blessed with long lashes so I’m good without it too.



Easy Peazy

Radiant Orchid

Every year, we’re introduced to a new color that will be the “it” one for 365 days. This 2014, make room for the Radiant Orchid.


I’m a sucker for the color purple so this shade of it makes me super excited!

Ladies, be sure to include this color in your clothing wardrobe and guys, go on and buy yourself a Radiant Orchid colored pair of socks. 

I Love Your Ugly Sweater

I do not celebrate Christmas but if there is one thing I would so badly want to do during the holiday season that is “Christmas-y”, it would be hosting an “Ugly Holiday Sweater Party”. I find it HILARIOUS that there are such things and I find it BIZARRE that those real cute/funky sweaters people have are considered “ugly”. 😦


I wish my grandma knitted me a “hideous” holiday sweater that had a snowman and pom-poms. Or snowflakes. Or a big fat tree right in the middle staring at you. All. Up. In. Your. Grill.



Talk about making a statement!

Detox Tips

Hello readers!

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Detoxing and cleansing out your organs (which carry toxic waste) can leave you looking and feeling healthy.

Get a glimpse of a few of their pics below:




Enjoy, my lovelies!