Radiant Orchid

Every year, we’re introduced to a new color that will be the “it” one for 365 days. This 2014, make room for the Radiant Orchid.


I’m a sucker for the color purple so this shade of it makes me super excited!

Ladies, be sure to include this color in your clothing wardrobe and guys, go on and buy yourself a Radiant Orchid colored pair of socks. 

I Love Your Ugly Sweater

I do not celebrate Christmas but if there is one thing I would so badly want to do during the holiday season that is “Christmas-y”, it would be hosting an “Ugly Holiday Sweater Party”. I find it HILARIOUS that there are such things and I find it BIZARRE that those real cute/funky sweaters people have are considered “ugly”. 😦


I wish my grandma knitted me a “hideous” holiday sweater that had a snowman and pom-poms. Or snowflakes. Or a big fat tree right in the middle staring at you. All. Up. In. Your. Grill.



Talk about making a statement!

Detox Tips

Hello readers!

Follow DETOXTIPS on Instagram for delicious tips and creative ideas on helping you detox your body.


Detoxing and cleansing out your organs (which carry toxic waste) can leave you looking and feeling healthy.

Get a glimpse of a few of their pics below:




Enjoy, my lovelies!