Be Cozy

One of my favorite things to do in the winter is get cozy. There is nothing like wearing mis-matched socks and cuddling with my teddy (Rosette) under an over-sized blanket. Nothing like sitting near my fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. Okay no, I do not have a fireplace and I think chocolate hot in a cup is gross but typing that just made me feel all fuzzy and whatnot.


This season always feels like a drag to me. I literally wake up every morning being cold and it’s the worst feeling ever. There are plenty of cases where I wish I could go to work wearing what I did to sleep. Yes, my pajamas; straight up like an I-don’t-care-how-l-look-I-just-want-to-be-comfortable, person.

Seriously, who wants to wake up a little early just to iron out a dress? Hell no, not me. I do not even want to make an effort and “looking cute” just isn’t in my vocabulary when it’s freezing. However, to avoid looking like a total mess and for the sake of being taken seriously, I learned that the best thing to do in such cases is wear loose and warm fabrics aka sweaters. I promise you, it can make you feel some type of way.

Below are a few like pieces to show you what I’m on about.


H&M Turtle Neck and Long Sweatshirt


Ralph Lauren Boots and Urban Outfitters Scarf

And of course for my brotha’s; you too can look nice effortlessly by rockin’ whats below:


Urban Outfitter Hooded Sweatshirt and Zara Men’s Sweater


Justin Boots and Urban Outfitters Scarf

Enjoy, stay warm and look good!

PIA Fashionistas

Check out what Pakistan International Airline (PIA) hostesses were rockin’ in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s:






I’m totally feelin’ the (what seems to be) beige on beige outfits and these vests are just beyond cute.  

What Is Really Good With Your Ads..?



Above is a picture of an ad The Gap has included in their 2013 holiday campaign. One quick glance and I thought, “Nice. Good for the Sikh community”. Right?

Well, not right for many Sikhs who still found the ad to be “offensive”.  After reading comments on why some Sikh’s disapproved, I started to think if there were ads that featured visibly Muslim men or women. Did I ever get frustrated or annoyed?

I started to google.

Right before that Gap ad, I remember seeing this all over the internet:



I’m sure you or someone you know had comments about that one.

Oh and do you remember this?



Rolling my eyes.

I also came across these that showed up in my search of “offensive ads”.





Ask yourself, when exactly is it considered “offensive”? How far is going “too far”? Or, when are “minorities” going to feel accepted without there being a clichéd depiction of their “type” of people?

The first thing I said to myself with the two Muslim ads shown above wasn’t, “That’s offensive”, but “Why are they BOTH in a burqa”? (Please refrain from your political views/comments. I am aware the first picture has nothing to do with fashion, but it gained just as much popularity as the Diesel ad, hence why I used it)


I may not have full knowledge of marketing strategies but common sense would be branding your product wisely. Whatever you’re trying to sell or show should deliver your message clearly, it should motivate the buyer/viewer and most importantly, it should create a connection.

In regards to the last two ads, (one was in a French Vogue magazine while the other was in a DKNY ad that was meant to show “diversity” by shooting in Haiti). Painting a Caucasian a darker color or vice versa does not create a connection. To me that just shows lack of creativity, an unnecessary controversial discussion and a cheap way to seek attention.


Now, I cannot speak behalf of the Sikhs and explain why the Gap ad had its flaws. Perhaps it’s because I do not see any, but as a young Muslim I do have a bone to pick with you and your ads that “include” us: Enough with the pictures of Muslim women in burqas. It’s getting basic and beyond wack.

Yes, we want to be featured in your ads. We just want to be shown how we see us because that is who we are. Our women are wearing the same tops or bottoms as the girl who doesn’t follow our religion, she just chooses to wear it differently.

Our men with the long beards do own the same suits as the white males on your online catalog and they too purchase your funky bowties. Not all of them are in their long white thobes wearing keffiyahs around their neck. We blame you for constantly adding those typical pieces of cultural (sometimes religious) attire to our faces and bodies. Stop it.  


Perhaps not enough Muslims are in marketing and that is why you’re sending out the same “message” over and over. I’m going to give the excuse that you do not know better. However, try not to repeat the same mistake in the future and hire us to work with you.

This has nothing to do with our rights as Muslims living in America and I am not trying to pull the “Muslims are always a victim” card. Trust that we are not as annoyed as we are bored. We are helping you realize that being basic is typical and being typical makes us look the other way. We are asking that you allow us to work with you and build a connection the appropriate way.

Little things like being featured on your site or magazine mean everything when it’s done right. (y) 

Hey, guy.

Today’s post is dedicated to men. When shopping or choosing an outfit, keep two words in mind; be appropriate.

The key to looking put together is to dress your age. This applies to both males and females. I often come across grown women wearing tops that were meant for teens and grown men wearing jeans that just keep getting tighter and tighter. I do not know if it’s because they have this phobia of aging or if they really think it can be pulled off; whatever it is, #justno

Here you go, fella…


*Important note: If you’re younger than twenty-one you have a free pass to look ridiculous and get away with whatever “style” you have going for you. Go on and be that “swagged out” “lookin’ supa fly” dude you think you are, just do not let it last*

The DO’s

  1. Buying clothes that fit properly. Buying clothes that fit properly. Buying clothes that fit properly. I intentionally wrote that out three times to emphasize on buying clothes that fit properly. I just did it again. If your pants are too baggy and the sleeves on your button down pass your wrist, you’re wearing it all wrong.
  2. Wear belts that match your shoes. I actually do not know if majority of men even wear belts (you should) but a totally different color than your shoes is a big no-no.
  3. Wear a beard. There has been a recent beard-growing epidemic and I think it’s pretty cool. I am a big accessory girl, so wearing a beard is probably the most G accessory a man can have. #noshavenovember #doit

The DO-NOT’s

  1. Do not confuse the word fit with tight. Fitted clothes are proper and appropriate not uncomfortable and awkward. Nobody wants to see the “muscles” you claim to have popping out of your shirt. When looking for the perfect fit, try buying items that are European cut.
  2. Chill with the white loafers. They’re beyond ugly to me and I never understood them. The only ones excused to wear them are the rico suave men living in Miami (that too is questionable). Buy yourself a pair of dark or light brown ones; you can wear them with almost anything.
  3. Ed-Hardy like tee’s. Whoa, I gagged just saying that. I remember when Ed-Hardy was “in style”. I am actually trying to figure out why it ever was in style being that it was the gaudiest clothing line for men. I do not get why I see people wearing it or clothes like it, today. STOP. Leave the bedazzled embellishments for the little girlies.
  4. Do not dress like an oversized kid. I get that you want to look cool but wearing the same clothes as the high-schoolers you see on the train? You look like you’re going through a mid-life crisis. Yikes.


I can go on and on but these are my biggest pet peeves/important pointers. I am hoping to share all of this without bombarding you or having you ask yourself “who the hell is she?” I’m actually just an observer.