Dress Up Like Hipsters

Hipsters. Many find them weird but I personally find hipsters to be unique. They’re carefree without being violent, fashionable without being typical and witty without being rude or corny. Hipsters are effortlessly cool people and that is why I often claim to be one.

If you want to be a hipster, do the following; Brew some tea, pour it in a mason jar, drink it and follow what’s written here. If you do not want to be a hipster, you’re probably a boring and basic person. Yawn.


There is a new style trending and it’s called hipster fashion. Hipster fashion to me is being able to put pieces together without trying too hard. Everything thrown on is casually done without giving much thought. If you’re able to do that, you’re doing it right. If not, keep trying.

Hipster Fashion Do’s

1.      Glasses. Thick frame ones to be exact. (Wear colored ones if you want to be super cool). I’ve always wanted glasses. #dontjudge I actually even tried to fake that I wasn’t able to read letters on a board in elementary school so I would get a letter sent home saying I needed a pair. What’s crazy is I still got no letter. Perhaps the instructor who tested me saw right through my attempt. Whatever though, no lens specs it is.

2.      Floral prints. Beyond hipster cute and very vintage-like. There is nothing I love more than floral pants, tops or scarves. For men, floral button downs are cute too; just try to keep the print small as opposed to something large. Those large prints are reserved for women only. (Also for women only are the floral pants. I see you men trying to pull it off but, ahh no).

3.      Cardigans. Oversized ones for the ladies and fitted ones for the guys. It’s just hipster.

4.      Plaid shirts. Looks hipster and can be worn by both genders.

Hipster Fashion Do-Not’s

1.      Hipsters do not buy clothes just because of its label. In fact, they shy away from high-end names because being mainstream is just lame.

2.      People are constantly confusing hipsters with hippies. Please bathe yourselves. Being unsanitary is never an attractive thing. Shower and wear your deodorant. It’s the real hipster way.


If you cannot go full hipster, it’s all good. I too am a wannabe or a part-time hipster and I have no shame in saying it. Being one err’day is going to make you like every other person (which you know now goes against being a hipster) Hijabi’s today are abusing the word and style, you do not want to be a victim of that.

Plus, I haven’t gotten used to going all out organic and I do not have an apartment in Coble Hill. One day though.


2 thoughts on “Dress Up Like Hipsters

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