Cultural Fashion

The weather is getting nippy and people are bundling up, making it even more difficult to breathe in this packed bus. Every two minutes there is a lady who finds the need to shout how uncomfortable she is and the dude next to me is constantly apologizing because he keeps stepping on my new boots. Basically, we’re all aggravated so early in the morning.  

To avoid getting in the way of others, I stand in one spot and stare out the window minding my own business. I always try to not listen into people’s conversations because it can be rude but if I turned my volume any louder, I was going to be adding on to the commotion that already was.

I casually look below me to follow where I hear voices and notice two girls. One was a hijabi while the other had her hair in a cute French braid. (Both seemed to be of South Asian descent) I’m hearing them talk about a girl and her outfit. Puzzled because I barely understood what they were saying, I just so happened to turn left and saw another hijabi in shalwar kameez. I started to wonder if the girl they were talking about was the same one I just saw and it was.

Just mind your damn business I thought. Keep starring outside and focus so you do not miss your stop.  Of course though, I was not able to. In a bus full of people and a million sounds, I felt like all I kept hearing was “I could never wear shalwar kameez to school”, “I only like those really fancy ones”, or “my brother’s wedding…” over and over again.

These girls and their comments were really annoying me. Perhaps it was the tight environment I was in, I do not know. Regardless, two high-school girls are sitting on a bus, talking about another girl who is two feet away because of her dress. I was just not feelin’ it. What’s bizarre is, I’m almost certain they too have worn a similar outfit around family if not in public. What was the difference if this girl decided to rock it to school? Let her be.


My blog’s headline is “fashion filled fun” which clearly means that the purpose of this blog is to share with you my interest in fashion. Of course I have political views that may be different than yours and there are other issues I would love to discuss but that is not what this blog is for.

I mentioned in my first post that I was going to write about some do’s/don’ts. For clarification, those are based on opinion and for you to have an idea of the type of trends I like or can relate to. Yes, I often say “what the hell is that?” when I see a shirt that seems unflattering but I would never question why anyone is wearing what they’re wearing or make a mockery when it comes to a person’s cultural attire.  That’s just plain rude.


I come from a Pakistani/Kashmiri family and I love shalwar kameez. I love wearing it and I love looking at it. My love for clothes itself first came to be because of the traditional outfits my mother sewed for me.I’m not going to knock the girl who wears it outside her home (I sometimes do too) nor should have the two girls on the bus this morning because it was her personal preference. She’s embracing her culture and showing others more than a simple henna design on the hand that most of us do.

There is a fine line between having an opinion and being insulting, try not to cross it. Most importantly, that is not what I intend to do when I share with you my thoughts in this blog so keep that in mind as you continue to read my posts.


*Peep my Kashmir-like shoes with the colored pom poms. I love these and cannot wait for summer to come so I can wear them every day.

Dress Up Like Hipsters

Hipsters. Many find them weird but I personally find hipsters to be unique. They’re carefree without being violent, fashionable without being typical and witty without being rude or corny. Hipsters are effortlessly cool people and that is why I often claim to be one.

If you want to be a hipster, do the following; Brew some tea, pour it in a mason jar, drink it and follow what’s written here. If you do not want to be a hipster, you’re probably a boring and basic person. Yawn.


There is a new style trending and it’s called hipster fashion. Hipster fashion to me is being able to put pieces together without trying too hard. Everything thrown on is casually done without giving much thought. If you’re able to do that, you’re doing it right. If not, keep trying.

Hipster Fashion Do’s

1.      Glasses. Thick frame ones to be exact. (Wear colored ones if you want to be super cool). I’ve always wanted glasses. #dontjudge I actually even tried to fake that I wasn’t able to read letters on a board in elementary school so I would get a letter sent home saying I needed a pair. What’s crazy is I still got no letter. Perhaps the instructor who tested me saw right through my attempt. Whatever though, no lens specs it is.

2.      Floral prints. Beyond hipster cute and very vintage-like. There is nothing I love more than floral pants, tops or scarves. For men, floral button downs are cute too; just try to keep the print small as opposed to something large. Those large prints are reserved for women only. (Also for women only are the floral pants. I see you men trying to pull it off but, ahh no).

3.      Cardigans. Oversized ones for the ladies and fitted ones for the guys. It’s just hipster.

4.      Plaid shirts. Looks hipster and can be worn by both genders.

Hipster Fashion Do-Not’s

1.      Hipsters do not buy clothes just because of its label. In fact, they shy away from high-end names because being mainstream is just lame.

2.      People are constantly confusing hipsters with hippies. Please bathe yourselves. Being unsanitary is never an attractive thing. Shower and wear your deodorant. It’s the real hipster way.


If you cannot go full hipster, it’s all good. I too am a wannabe or a part-time hipster and I have no shame in saying it. Being one err’day is going to make you like every other person (which you know now goes against being a hipster) Hijabi’s today are abusing the word and style, you do not want to be a victim of that.

Plus, I haven’t gotten used to going all out organic and I do not have an apartment in Coble Hill. One day though.


Today’s accessories:


Bib statement necklace – Forever21



Rings – Dollar store #holla

Bracelet – Broadway


*Post a pic of your favorite accessory


visit MEA Scarves on FB for cute hijabs like the pink/purple ombre I’m wearing!



noun \ik-ˈse-sə-rē, ak-, ek-, -ˈses-rē, also ə-ˈse-\

: something added to something else to make it more useful, attractive, or effective

After reading homegirl Merriam’s definition of the word, why aren’t you adding on an accessory to your daily outfit? Make what is already cute, cuter!

Long chains, funky rings, bangles that make noise or statement necklaces; accessories for me = happiness ❤


Yes, the ring on my right hand IS a ring and it’s the most poppin’ one i’ve ever owned.

Seasons Change Fashion Remains

If you were to ask me what my favorite season was, I would not be able to answer without giving a reason for why each is “my favorite”. My lack of being direct is mostly because with the change of weather, I’m able to switch up and express myself through fashion differently than the previous three months; making each season “my favorite”.

And it’s not the transition of snowballs to sunshine that excites me, what excites me is knowing I can finally make changes in my style; From cute coats to cardigans to long dresses to short boots; there is nothing more fun than changing up your wardrobe and finally getting to wear your most favorite items, again.


If you’re a New Yorker like myself, you would agree that NYC weather is as bipolar as it gets. This year, fall came and because of the low degrees in early September, I assumed it would be a cold season. That ended up changing a week later when it shot up twenty degrees, making my inner-wannabe-meteorologist-self switch up the first guess and keep my open toed shoes nearby.

Regardless of crazy temperature changes and knowing that summer is officially over, the thought of replacing my sandals with a light jacket makes me feel super giddy. So whether its high 60’s or low 50’s, here are a few fall favorites I’ve come across and decided to share with you.


Tory Burch Ballet Flats $225

Aldo Khaki Ankle Boots $100

H&M Pants $59.99 H&M Cream Top $10 H&M Denim Top $15

Forever 21 Bracelet $2.80

Scarf Unknown

Zara Zipper Jacket $99

My intention in putting these few fall favorite’s together is to show that you can do so much by wearing or not wearing each item and  that is what makes it all fun; being able to look different while having the same stuff in your closet.

Although some items in this list may seem a bit overpriced, something I like to emphasize on is knowing to purchase pieces for your wardrobe that are meant to last long.

That trendy/edgy Zara jacket can be used for two or more seasons. Those cute Tory Burch ballet flats? Who says you cannot wear them throughout the year for two years? You as a fashionista need to learn how to take care of your belongings and keep them in mint condition.

I do not believe in pieces being “outdated”. Yeah designers come out with new products but that does not mean what’s old is out. Learn to use what you have and make it work for as long as you want, so each purchase you make is worth it.


Leave links of your fall fashion favorites so we can all see and look good together!

Hashtags to Fan Base

Fashion. Hijab. Modern. Modest.

Four words that I’ve been hearing, seeing and reading over and over again.

Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, social networking has become an outlet for young Muslims to show and share their identity with others literally all across the globe, making themselves a mini celebrity.

Everyone is doing it. The shy girl from junior high, the quiet kid from your high-school; they’re taking a talent they have and are hash tagging away.

#isewedthis #fashion #imadesginer

#mybiryani #burnedmyfinger #imachef

#bball #shooter #jumpshot #imaballer

#eyeshadow #contour #smokeyeyes #imamakeupartist

#myvlog #withhubby #withwifey #withcat #meow

You name it, it’s being done and I love it. I’ve become a victim to it and I do not feel ashamed one bit. Why? Because I never thought that as a twenty four year old girl from BROOOKLLLYNNNN I would be viewing pictures of a fashionista in Turkey or London or even Indonesia who has a style just like me for tips and ideas.


Growing up, I was very fortunate to have a mother that sewed clothes. She wasn’t and still isn’t your average seamstress. She’s a kick butt one that can literally do a replica of that boutique dress you spent two hundred dollars on for half the price. My mom often creates and executes her ideas and then bam, I have myself a new tailored to fit outfit that I can rock on a Tuesday just because. I still am spoiled when it comes to this and I blame her for it every day.

My love (some would call it an obsession) for fashion, color, fabrics and patterns increases daily. The teenage girl I once was that stared at window displays and magazines now finds easier ways to change up a simple shirt by drawing, cutting, pasting, or simply adding on an accessory making something my creation.

Now you might be rolling your eyes saying “Oh, another hijabi blogger”, but my blog will be different. My blog will show my take on fashion. My do’s or don’t’s. My ideas. My work.

So for the cliché closing statement, I hope you all enjoy whats to come and stay tuned for a fun fashion filled blog!

#cantwaittogetstarted #bismillah